What Is The Important Of The Circus Tent?

Most of have been to circuses to at least one time in our lives and if you have seen a circus then you must have seen the circus tent as well. There is no circus without the red and white striped circus tent and since the circus people are always moving from one place to another therefore, they need the temporary circus tent that they can place and pack whenever they are moving to new destination.

What actually is Circus?

If you have never been to circus then you must know at least what is it. The Circus is a type of the entertainment which is usually a spectacle and it consist of various acts which are performed by the expert humans and animals as well. These animals are trained by the human for these acts and the human performer also train for months before they can perform a task. The traditional circus is held in the big circus tent in Australia which has the circular arena. This circular area is surrounded by the people and usually the tier seating is arranged for the audience.

A brief history of the Circus:

Although many people thing that the circus is one of the latest trends and does not go as back but some elements of the circus has roots in the ancient Roman history where there used to be circular amphitheatres and these were called the circus. The circus word is derived from the Latin and it means a Circle. Although the acts that were performed in that era were different such as mostly these acts included the battles, and the slaughtering of animals, various kind of the combats, and the gladiators battles as well. However, there came an era where the circus acts which are common in modern age were also performed in these circuses. These were the aerobics, balance act along with the famous juggling act as well. The clowns which are important part of the circus have always been a part of the circus.

These acts were performed at different locations and in different events but there was no distinct platform or event to perform these acts. Then there came the time when all these acts were combined and the actual concept of circus was introduced.

Various performances of the Circus:

Every circus has a ringmaster who is responsible for all the ceremonies. The ringmaster is the person who speaks, presents the performance and is the person who is responsible for making the show exciting by keeping the audience engaged. The acts in each circus could be different from another circus and usually these are the gymnastics acts, aerial acts and other kind of such things.